“If you’re a fan of hardcore,” writes Cameron Morat Mouat for Metal Hammer, “then it’s hard not to be a fan of Billy Graziadei: a pioneer in the genre with Biohazard.”

Billy Graziadei, founding member of Metal, Hardcore & Hip Hop pioneers BIOHAZARD. With over 5 million albums sold world-wide, Biohazard’s video for the song Punishment was the most played video on Mtv’s HeadBangers Ball. Graziadei recently co-founded the 2017 super-group POWERFLO with members of Cypress Hill, Fear Factory and Downset. Billy released his first solo album ‘Feed the Fire’ to critical acclaim on AFM records in the fall of 2018.

Music has always been the central, unifying force in Billy Graziadei’s life. Early musical training took place on the Graziadei family’s old, forever out-of-tune upright piano and he began studying music under the guidance of his Grandfather and Uncle, both of whom he had always admired.

So he expanded his musical vocabulary while growing up, finding inspiration in so many forms of music but it wasn’t until he stumbled into the underground world of punk-rock music that his musical taste was really sparked into growth.

Immersing himself in the sounds, perspective, and culture of the punk underground, Billy’s desire to create new, innovative music led him to the late 80’s hardcore scene in New York City, from Sunday matinee hardcore shows at CBGB’s to Friday night metal shows at Brooklyn’s L’Amour metal/rock club. It was here that he found his musical home and it was here that Billy helped form a band that would take the metal/hardcore scene by storm. It was the birth of BIOHAZARD. As one of the first bands they combined the urban sounds of hardcore, metal and rap with scorching lyrics describing the forces at work in our modern urban lives.

With an audio engineering degree and years of experience recording BIOHAZARD, Graziadei opened Firewater Studios. This studio became an incubator for Billy’s creativity, where he continues to cultivate his talent while producing upcoming bands. During the years of touring with BIOHAZARD, Graziadei collaborated with many different musicians. As a result of this the later friendship with Cypress Hill singer SenDog, turned in 2016 into the Supergroup POWERFLO along with bassist Christian Olde Wolbers (Ex-FEAR FACTORY) and guitarist Roy Lozano (DOWNSET). While Graziadei continues to work on new POWERFLO songs as he tours around, he decided that the time finally has come for his solo venture: Billy Graziadei is BILLYBIO.

“I’ve always wanted to do a solo release and the timing of everything that I have been working on just seemed to fall in place. I always let the creative juices flow, I don’t try and restrict them to fit a certain genre. With BILLYBIO, it’s 100% me. No influence from anyone else. This is who I am and what I’ve become.

Graziadei pulled together a collection of songs he had been working on to form his debut release ‘Feed the Fire’

This is the best of all worlds. ”Feed The Fire” is heavy, fast, groovy and full of energy, I couldn’t have it any other way. It’s full of my roots but modern.”, states Billy and producer Tue Madsen agrees: “When I was brought in to mix this record, it was with big expectations, and boy, were they met. These songs keep the energy level so high and have so much to say. Great deliverance, great songwriting and now Me mixing the whole thing. I couldn’t be happier.” To gain a first impression of the upcoming album, which will be released over AFM Records on 30th November 2018, soon releasing a video for “Freedoms Never Free”. This energetic, blistering Hardcore hymn will also be the first single, that hit the street at the 10th of October 2018, just in time BILLYBIO is on the road with fellow New Yorkers Life Of Agony.

Graziadei went on to tour for the debut release around the US and Europe and ended the touring cycle with in London in February 2019 with Agnostic Front, Gorilla Bisquits, H20, Wisdom in Chains, Cutthroat and Countime with the Persistence Tour.

After coming home, the world shut down and Graziadei entered the studio to begin work on what would become ‘Leaders and Liars’ due out in March 2022 on AFM records.

The first single and video from Leaders and Liars, ‘One life to live’ featuring friend Toby Morse from H2O was released on Nov. 19, 2021.